Are You Looking for Product Packaging Materials? 4 Reasons to Choose Plastic Packaging

If you are developing a new product for the consumer market, you have to think about how you will package it carefully. Proper product packaging protects it from the environment, prevents it from getting damaged, keeps it clean and hygienic, and informs the consumer about your brand. Packaging trends have been changing a lot in the past few years. However, one of the materials that have maintained their popularity over the years is plastic. Read More 

Uses For Laser Cutters You Might Not Have Heard Of

In Australia, laser cutting is now a commonplace industrial processing method that is used in all sorts of manufacturing and fabrication settings. The global market for this technology is worth billions. However, when most people think of laser cutters, they will imagine them being used for just a couple of reasons. Either they are being used to cut sections of sheet metal in highly precise ways to make components or they will be used to shape thermoplastics into products or parts. Read More 

Top Reasons to Observe Best Practices in Waste Oil Management and Collection

Proper management of waste oil during collection, storage, and disposal is essential for environmental preservation. Sadly, most facilities don't treat waste oil storage with the seriousness it deserves. It might explain why almost 706 million gallons of waste oil finds its way into the oceans annually. Therefore, industrial facilities need to observe best practices of waste oil management, which include proper labelling of oil handling containers. While following the best practices ensures compliance and avoids unnecessary penalties, other benefits are involved. Read More 

Different Types of Weighbridges Explained

There are many types of weighbridges in Australia. Your choice depends on factors such as ground condition, available space, need for portability, cost, purpose, and access. If you want to trade weighbridge, familiarize yourself with the legal requirements of your state. Here is a detailed overview of the different types of weighbridges. 1.    Fully in-ground weighbridge Of all options, an in-ground weighbridge has the smallest footprint. It is excellent for sites that do not have strict space restrictions. Read More 

Abrasive Properties You Should Consider When Choosing Sandblasting Media

Abrasives are materials commonly used for a surface treatment process that entails grinding, scouring, cleaning surfaces and removal of unwanted materials on a surface. The choice of the abrasive material highly depends on the intensity of the sandblasting being done. Abrasive materials can either be natural or synthetic, and the latter is considered a lot more due to its high level of accuracy and precision. Abrasives have unique characteristics that you should matter when you are choosing a sandblasting media. Read More