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3 Beginner’s Welding Mistakes to Avoid

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Persons who use welding for making their own car repairs and fabricating parts, or as part of their production or repair business, will usually take classes to learn how to weld properly. Welding equipment is also very dangerous when used incorrectly and the right training will ensure a welder’s safety. However, this doesn’t mean that a welder will automatically know everything there is to know about welding and will never make mistakes, especially when just starting out. An instructor or class can’t possibly envision every scenario where you might use welding for fabrication, so note a few common beginner’s mistakes when it comes to welding so you can avoid these yourself. 1. Using low-hydrogen rods that have been exposed to moisture Welding often involves using rods that are welded to two pieces of metal. Low-hydrogen rods are very popular to use for welding but because of their low hydrogen count, they are very susceptible to moisture. If these rods should get wet or moist in any way before or during the weld process, they will often bubble. It’s good to keep them in a sealed container before use and if they have been exposed to moisture of any sort, heat them before using them to drain or dry away that moisture. 2. Trying to weld worn out metals Metal is tough and durable but it can only take so much fabrication and corrosion before its overall composition is changed so severely that it cannot be welded without being cut right through, or before it becomes weak. If you note that a metal piece has been welded before or has been pounded, bent, cut, rusted, or otherwise is very worn, you may need to reinforce the metal before you weld it. This might involve riveting a second sheet underneath it or ensuring you use rods during the weld rather than trying to simply weld two pieces together. Otherwise, the worn metal will create a very weak welding point and may not hold up during the welding process itself. 3. Not welding fast enough When welding, you need to ensure you use the right technique for your metal but many beginners fail to weld fast enough, as the rod or metal pieces need to soften to be welded together. Allowing them to get too soft and not using the right speed for your pass will mean a pool of weld metal that deposits onto the piece, and a poor quality weld...

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Making the most of the growing demand for steel fabrication services

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With recent growth in the global construction sector, businesses that supply steel fabrication services, as well as metal working technology and equipment, are facing increasing demand for their services. In recent years, the steel fabrication industry has been making more technological advances and the industry has become more competitive as a result. It is important that ensure your business stands out from the crowd and is efficiently run. Here is some advice on helping you do just that. Invest in quality equipment There are now so many options to choose from when it comes to welding equipment that it is hard to know where to start. It is difficult to keep up to date with all the latest technological developments in the industry. Due to the increased levels of competitiveness in the industry, it is vital that you choose equipment that is perfect for you specific needs. Otherwise, productivity levels will decrease and you may have to change and purchase additional equipment. You need to make sure you are making smart decisions in every part of your business, and having the correct equipment is the one area where you need to put in the research to find equipment that is durable and reliable. Capacity levels Demand for steel fabrication services tend to move in cycles. Certain times of the year will be quiet while other times will be so busy that you will need additional workers to meet all of the orders. In order to facilitate the large volumes of customers you can have at any particular moment in time, you need to have plenty of capacity at your facility. You also need to have the correct volume of equipment so that you can make the most of the capacity and not have to wait for a machine to finish a particular job. These days, steel fabricators are increasingly spending less on supplies and consumables and are instead focusing on increasing investment in machinery that will help meet the capacity demands. Don’t overreach While many leaders are constantly looking to increase capacity levels in order to facilitate unexpected levels of demand, there are often huge levels of demand variability with some times of year being very quiet. While experience helps you somewhat predict the demand levels that the future holds, you do not possess a crystal ball. While in recent years investment in equipment has been rising due to increasing demand levels, there is a danger that some of this investment will go too far and capacity will reach levels that will never be needed. Therefore, it is important not to overreach and to invest in additional equipment and premises if there is no logical prediction of demand ever reaching these...

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What to Consider When Buying Trophies for More Than a Sports Win

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Sports teams and players are not the only ones who may be worthy of a trophy; a salesperson on your staff may have made record numbers in the last year, or your neighborhood may have a contest every year for the best landscaping in the subdivision. Whatever your reasons for buying a trophy from a company like Full Colour Badges & Trophies other than for a sports win, note a few tips to consider and keep in mind so that it’s really appreciated by the recipient. 1. Opt for a fun figurine When trophies are handed out for a sports win, the figurine on the top usually reflects the sport somehow. This might include a soccer ball, a baseball player at bat, and so on. Why not do the same for a trophy you choose for another occasion? If you’re honoring that salesperson and his or her record numbers, choose a large dollar sign. For that landscaping win, choose a trophy with a flower or tree on the top. If yours is a production facility or new car center, choose a set of gears or a new car as the figurine. Whatever the occasion or reason for the win, opt for something as a figurine that reflects it rather than a plain figure or generic model. 2. Make it big If you really want a trophy to stand out, make it big. Smaller trophies can be good for more routine occasions, but if someone has worked hard all year to set a sales record at your facility, opt for something they’ll appreciate and that will reflect their efforts. A very tall trophy can be displayed in their office and will get noticed by others, or you might choose a large plaque or oversized cup trophy for that landscaping contest. The bigger the trophy, the more significance it has, so choose something big and bold for your trophy. 3. Get it engraved A trophy has more significance to someone if they actually have their name on it and their accomplishment as well. While you may think to have the trophy engraved with the person’s name or the name of the contest or event, note other information on the engraving as appropriate. This might be their actual sales numbers, how many years in a row they’ve won the landscaping contest, and so on. This makes a trophy personal and more than just a generic giveaway that has no significance for the...

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Why You Should Use Custom-Made Tilt Trays for Your Car Towing Trucks

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If you use trucks in your car towing business, you might need to acquire custom-made tilt trays for these vehicles. So, why is tilt-tray technology good for your business? Tilt trays come with an array of different features that can allow you to tailor trucks that will suit your specific business needs. Here are some vital benefits attributed to integrating tilt tray technology in your car towing trucks. Improved road safety There are several dangers associated with towing a car using the conventional hook-and-chain method. Car towing truck drivers will have to be extremely cautious while negotiating sharp corners, and they’ll also need to keep a watchful eye on approaching vehicles. It would be heartbreaking to cause yet another accident while they’re towing cars that have been involved in an accident! When an accident involves a number of cars and some are awkwardly damaged, normal tow trucks may not have the capability or specialty required to tow them safely. In contrast, tilt-tray tow trucks can provide plenty of space in the rear section to ensure that damaged cars are stored securely for safe towing on your trucks. Minimal damage to cars Another advantage of tilt tray technology is the increased safety of the towed car. The conventional method of towing cars usually does more damage than good to the cars. Typically, a car that is involved an accident is already in a subtle condition. Dragging it across the highways will probably intensify the extent of damage. Tilt tray trucks have movable platforms that can be extended to touch the ground so that a damaged vehicle can be loaded onto the flatbed. Cars that have suffered slight damage can be driven onto the flatbed, if they’re not incapacitated. If the cars are incapacitated, they can be conveniently winched onto the truck deck for damage-free delivery. This way, the cars can safely and securely loaded for transportation, hence preventing any damage that may occur when towing. Save on time, make more money Sometimes, when road accidents happen, a car may end up in tight spots like down a steep roadside. In such situations a regular tow truck may not be able to move the car without making adjustments that will probably take many hours. Since tilt tray trucks can be positioned in different angles, they ensure a car is taken out of areas that are difficult to access easily. This will allow you to realise significant time savings, especially if there are a lot of stranded people waiting to be served, and you’ll be able to make more...

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