3 Reasons Plastic Pallets Last Longer Than Wooden Ones

While wooden pallets do a good job, you might see better long-term results if you buy plastic alternatives. A good-quality plastic pallet will often outlast a wooden one, making it a more cost-effective investment. How does plastic outperform wood in the pallet world?

1. Plastic Is More Durable

A well-made wooden pallet will be sturdy and strong. However, the wood's strength is likely to decrease over time the more the pallet is used.

For example, wood might crack if its loads put too much stress on the pallet. It might start to break away from the nails which hold the pallet together. If you accidentally drop a pallet or if it is hit by something hard, then the wood might crack or break. While you can repair some damage, wood pallets won't always last much longer once they start to have problems

If you buy plastic pallets, then you get a stronger solution. Plastics are less likely to crack or break than wood. They often have better impact resistance. They don't lose as much strength as they age.

2. Plastic Is More Weatherproof

While wood pallets might be treated to make them stronger, these treatments aren't always permanent. As a pallet goes through multiple shipping cycles, its treatments might wear away.

An untreated wooden pallet, or one that has lost some of its original protection, might not be weatherproof. If the pallet is exposed to rain, humidity or moisture, then the wood might start to rot. Mould might start to grow on the surface.

Once wood rots or turns mouldy, then you'll be fighting a losing battle to save the pallet. Chances are, it won't be strong enough to carry loads safely.

Plastic is much more weatherproof than wood. It won't rot even if it sits out in the rain or on the deck of a sea container ship. It isn't affected by mould.

3. Plastic Doesn't Attract Pests

With the right heat treatments, wooden pallets shouldn't harbour pests. However, if you use pallets continuously and have to make repairs, then the wood might lose some of its protection and might become home to new pests. These pests can destroy a pallet pretty quickly.

Plastic pallets don't have these problems. No pest wants to live in plastic or eat it. So, you won't have any pest worries here.

To learn more about plastic pallets and the advantages of using them, ask pallets suppliers for advice.