Pallet Choosing Tips

Pallets save you the hassle of arranging items in your warehouse or shipping items to your clients. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to choose pallets. This significantly affects the warehousing and distribution functions of their businesses. So what should you consider when purchasing pallets? Below are some pointers. 

Pallet Size

Size is a vital concern when buying a pallet. Several factors will help you determine what pallet size you need. For instance, different markets have varying pallet size standards. A standard pallet size allows logistics companies to easily stack the pallets into trucks and warehouses. If you use a different pallet size, you could easily damage your goods since the pallet will be unevenly balanced in the truck or warehouse. Sometimes, you might need a custom pallet size. It is especially so when transporting unevenly shaped or oversized items. If this is the case, contact your local pallet manufacturer and provide them with the dimensions and features of the load. It enables them to recommend and build a custom pallet. 

Type Of Pallet 

There are different pallet categories to choose from. For instance, you could select a pallet based on its design. In this case, you will find pallets with two or four entry points. A two-entry point pallet has two forklift entry points, while a four-entry point pallet can be accessed from all sides. Four entry-point pallets significantly ease stacking since you do not have to consider the forklift's entry points. 

You could also choose a pallet based on the manufacturing material. Wooden pallets are quite popular since they are environmentally friendly. Besides, they can be quickly repaired when they develop defects. The downside of this material is that it is susceptible to weather damage, which weakens its structural integrity and makes it unsuitable for carrying food products. Plastic pallets are lightweight and durable. Besides, they are easy to clean and mould-resistant. It makes them the perfect pallets to transport foods and pharmaceuticals. Although metal pallets are durable compared to wood and plastic alternatives, they are significantly heavy. Therefore, they are best suited for special operations such as transporting oversized and heavy items. 

Pallet Condition

You could opt for a used pallet if you are on a budget. In this case, assess the pallet's condition before purchase. For instance, does it have structural defects such as missing or broken planks? You must also evaluate the pallet's weight rating to ensure it suits your desired application. Moreover, ensure the pallet is treated to prevent pest and weather damage. 

For more information about pallets, reach out to a local supplier.