Why You Should Use Custom-Made Tilt Trays for Your Car Towing Trucks

If you use trucks in your car towing business, you might need to acquire custom-made tilt trays for these vehicles. So, why is tilt-tray technology good for your business? Tilt trays come with an array of different features that can allow you to tailor trucks that will suit your specific business needs.

Here are some vital benefits attributed to integrating tilt tray technology in your car towing trucks.

Improved road safety

There are several dangers associated with towing a car using the conventional hook-and-chain method. Car towing truck drivers will have to be extremely cautious while negotiating sharp corners, and they'll also need to keep a watchful eye on approaching vehicles. It would be heartbreaking to cause yet another accident while they're towing cars that have been involved in an accident!

When an accident involves a number of cars and some are awkwardly damaged, normal tow trucks may not have the capability or specialty required to tow them safely. In contrast, tilt-tray tow trucks can provide plenty of space in the rear section to ensure that damaged cars are stored securely for safe towing on your trucks.

Minimal damage to cars

Another advantage of tilt tray technology is the increased safety of the towed car. The conventional method of towing cars usually does more damage than good to the cars. Typically, a car that is involved an accident is already in a subtle condition. Dragging it across the highways will probably intensify the extent of damage.

Tilt tray trucks have movable platforms that can be extended to touch the ground so that a damaged vehicle can be loaded onto the flatbed. Cars that have suffered slight damage can be driven onto the flatbed, if they're not incapacitated.

If the cars are incapacitated, they can be conveniently winched onto the truck deck for damage-free delivery. This way, the cars can safely and securely loaded for transportation, hence preventing any damage that may occur when towing.

Save on time, make more money

Sometimes, when road accidents happen, a car may end up in tight spots like down a steep roadside. In such situations a regular tow truck may not be able to move the car without making adjustments that will probably take many hours.

Since tilt tray trucks can be positioned in different angles, they ensure a car is taken out of areas that are difficult to access easily. This will allow you to realise significant time savings, especially if there are a lot of stranded people waiting to be served, and you'll be able to make more cash.