What to Consider When Buying Trophies for More Than a Sports Win

Sports teams and players are not the only ones who may be worthy of a trophy; a salesperson on your staff may have made record numbers in the last year, or your neighborhood may have a contest every year for the best landscaping in the subdivision. Whatever your reasons for buying a trophy from a company like Full Colour Badges & Trophies other than for a sports win, note a few tips to consider and keep in mind so that it's really appreciated by the recipient.

1. Opt for a fun figurine

When trophies are handed out for a sports win, the figurine on the top usually reflects the sport somehow. This might include a soccer ball, a baseball player at bat, and so on. Why not do the same for a trophy you choose for another occasion? If you're honoring that salesperson and his or her record numbers, choose a large dollar sign. For that landscaping win, choose a trophy with a flower or tree on the top. If yours is a production facility or new car center, choose a set of gears or a new car as the figurine. Whatever the occasion or reason for the win, opt for something as a figurine that reflects it rather than a plain figure or generic model.

2. Make it big

If you really want a trophy to stand out, make it big. Smaller trophies can be good for more routine occasions, but if someone has worked hard all year to set a sales record at your facility, opt for something they'll appreciate and that will reflect their efforts. A very tall trophy can be displayed in their office and will get noticed by others, or you might choose a large plaque or oversized cup trophy for that landscaping contest. The bigger the trophy, the more significance it has, so choose something big and bold for your trophy.

3. Get it engraved

A trophy has more significance to someone if they actually have their name on it and their accomplishment as well. While you may think to have the trophy engraved with the person's name or the name of the contest or event, note other information on the engraving as appropriate. This might be their actual sales numbers, how many years in a row they've won the landscaping contest, and so on. This makes a trophy personal and more than just a generic giveaway that has no significance for the recipient.