Some Training Aids and Accessories to Go With Your New Goal Posts

If you're responsible for setting up a playing field at a school or elsewhere, you need to ensure you have the right goal posts for your sport and for the age group that will be playing. You also want to think about some accessories you may need to go with the goal posts. If you're in the market for new goal posts because the old ones are rusty or otherwise weathered and worn, it might be good to take stock of all the other pieces on the field and see what else might need replacing. Note a few suggestions so you know your team or school will always be ready for practice or play on the field.

Kicking tees

How are the kicking tees your players might use to start play or for lining up a shot? These can last for years but it doesn't mean they won't get chipped, nicked, or simply worn down so that they cannot hold the ball in its proper position. Take stock of these tees and note if you need some new ones that are in proper shape.

Portable soccer goals

Portable soccer goals are for much more than just playing soccer; they can be put on the sidelines during any other game and used by players to get warmed up and practice their kicking. The net catches the ball for safety and the portability means you can move them around as the players migrate from one end of the field to another. Keeping them on hand means your players are always ready to hit the field no matter how long they've been on the sidelines.

Flutter flags

Many goalposts will have flutter flags on the top of the posts, to tell kickers and players the direction and strength of the wind. These are good for both practice and play, but flutter flags can get torn and shredded when exposed to all that high wind. Check them every season or as often as necessary to ensure they're in good condition or if they need to be replaced so they're easy to see from the field.

Linesman flags and markers

Your linesmen, referees, and other such persons on the field will usually need a good supply of flags, markers, and the like. These too can wear out quickly and get torn and tattered, so be sure you have a good supply of new flags and markers in good condition on hand.

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