Some Questions You Might Have About a Metal Panel Fence for Your Home

A metal panel fence can be a very unique choice for any yard; the panels offer privacy and a nice backdrop for landscaping features, and can be a very unique look in a neighborhood with standard chain link fences or wood fences. If you enjoy a more modern look to your fence or just want something very visually appealing and easy to maintain, a metal panel fence can be the right choice. If you're thinking of such a fence for your home, note a few questions you might have and then discuss these with a fencing or metal contractor so you get a fence you'll love for years to come.

Do metal fences rust?

Aluminum itself doesn't rust although it might suffer other forms of corrosion that result in white spots along the surface. Steel might rust over time, and the risk of a rusted fence will increase according to your standard climate; a home in the tropics will mean more moisture in the air that collects along the fence. Installing your fence right along the ground can also mean staying in contact with the moisture on the ground so that the fence panels might get a rusted bottom.

You can protect the metal from potential rust by applying a metal sealant to them, or ensuring that they're powder coated. Powder coating is a paint color that goes on as a powder and which is adhered with an electrical charge. This covers the metal and keeps it protected from moisture and eventual corrosion.

Are metal fences loud?

A thin sheet of metal on a shed roof might be somewhat loud when the rain hits it, but note that metal panels used for fencing are usually thicker and not as likely to vibrate every time they're hit with a raindrop or when the wind blows. If you're concerned about the noise of a metal fence, ask your contractor for powder coating that is thicker and which insulated the metal, to keep the panels quieter.

Won't a metal fences seem too industrial?

The powder coating process mentioned above can tone down the look of the metal itself; you can choose a white color for a more traditional look to your fence, or something in a green or brown tone that also looks more like wood than metal. You might also break up the look of the metal panels by adding wood posts between them, or at the top of the panels to create a framed look.