Laser Sharp: Maximise the Use of Your Laser Cutter

Laser cutters are exceptionally reliable and useful machines - regardless of whether they're industrial-sized or small enough to fit into a private residence.  If you use one, either as part of a wider manufacturing process or as a small home-run business, then you'll already know just how powerful and customisable these machines are.  However, they're so versatile that many users don't know the full extent of their capabilities, instead choosing to stick to what they already know.  Hopefully, you'll find a new use for your machine.

Know Your Equipment

It may seem obvious, but truly understanding how your equipment works and how to program it is key.  Many users stick to default settings and premade templates - but to get the full use out of your laser cutter, you should learn how to use 3D software to create your own designs.  You should know what each setting does, and when to use it.  You should be a dab hand at saving space on your raw materials so that you waste an absolute minimum.  Knowing these things will greatly improve your experience using the machine - and you may even find a way to speed up your existing processes.

Different Materials

Especially if you only use your laser cutter for one specific purpose, it's easy to forget that they can work with a very wide range of materials.  You can laser-cut glass, metal, wood, card and stone; granted, different machines may not have the capability to cut all the way through thicker materials, but they can certainly make cuts.  Explore with different materials and see what kind of results you can create.


You don't just have to cut full shapes out with your machine, either.  Laser cutters are also excellent for engraving all the above listed materials.  You could utilise this to easily and quickly replicate the same intricate design on all of your products, saving on hand decorating - but you could also use it to personalise your products by adding your customer's name or message to your design.  Of course, the extent to which your items can be personalised will vary, but by offering this service, you could easily add another couple of dollars' pure profit onto your products.  That's a win-win all over!

However you're currently using your laser cutter, there will always be a way to get it to work harder for you.  Be sure to familiarise yourself with all the above options and capabilities, and soon enough you'll be really getting your money's worth from your equipment - more so than you already have been.