Important Questions to Ask When Having Custom Plaques Made

Custom plaques, trophies, or other such awards can be a good idea for a staff member you want to recognize, for a student who has achieved something special, or even for your child when they deserve some recognition! Custom plaques can also be placed at certain places in your business to relate part of the company's history or in honour of its founder. Whatever your needs for a custom plaque, note some questions to ask the company who will be making it so you know what's involved in the process and are sure to be happy with that piece for years to come.

Ask how much it will weigh

Some materials, such as acrylic or thick wood, might be heavier than you realize. If you're thinking of creating a plaque for hanging on the wall, you might find that the weight of the piece means you would need to use special hangers or anchors to hold it in place, and this could damage the wall. A very heavy piece might also be too cumbersome for a young child to manage. In these cases, you might want to choose a lighter aluminium or bronze plaque, with a thin wood base, so its weight is more appropriate for the recipient.

Ask if it will be damaged by weather

If the plaque will be displayed outside, always ask if it will be weatherproof. Even sealed wood can be damaged by humidity and bitter cold, and some metals may be prone to rust. Your plaque maker may suggest a certain material that will hold up better in extreme weather elements, and which will need less maintenance and work over the years. Even so, you might find that certain metals will fade or develop a patina, which you might find to be very eye-catching or that you might want to polish and repair. In any case, always ask about a plaque that will be outdoors and what to expect by way of durability.

Ask about colour

It may be easier to add colour to your plaque than you realize; an acrylic plaque can often be dyed a certain colour so that it's not crystal clear, or coloured stripes can be added around the plaque itself. You might also be able to have your logo engraved with colour so that it stands out. Since colour can enhance a plaque of any sort, and especially an acrylic piece, don't hesitate to ask about adding it, as this may be easier and more affordable than you realize.