Finding The Perfect Toy Hauler

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of hitting the road for a weekend of adventure and, if you're into four wheelers and recreational riding, your trip away just wouldn't be the same without your gear. Toy haulers are a popular way to get on the move, and they're not only enjoyed by adventure enthusiasts, but are also used widely by people who travel for work, carting tools or merchandise with them.

Toy haulers come in all shapes and sizes, from mammoth constructions designed to house both you and your gear to lightweight travel trailers that won't stand in the way of your offroad fun, and picking the model best suited to your needs involves striking a delicate balancing between space, weight and utility.

When you start to look around for the perfect toy hauler for your next adventure, it's useful to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How many people will I be travelling with? You'll need living or camping quarters to fit each person comfortably.

  • How far off road will I go? This is important as the weight, dimensions and maneuverability of your toy hauler can affect your choice of destinations.

  • What gear will I bring? Are you happy with your favourite piece, or do you need to take it all?

With a wide variety of toy haulers on the market, choosing the best toy hauler comes down to understanding your options. Some common types include:

  • Sports Utility RVs: Sports Utility RVs, or SURVs, offer spaces for your precious cargo of both the human and mechanical varieties. Equipped with living spaces of various sizes, SURVs feature cargo areas fit to hold all manner of adventure gear, from ATVs to dirt bikes, golf carts and other recreational vehicles. SURVs come in a range of sizes and models, with the biggest of them including loading ramps that lead to their gear compartments, and some even large enough to hold a small car in their cargo bay.

  • Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers: Made to be moved with an over-the-bed tow design, fifth wheel haulers are favoured for their stability and ease of towing.

  • Travel Trailer Toy Haulers: Loved for the convenience they offer, travel trailer haulers come in a versatile range of sizes to meet any budget.

  • Custom Toy Haulers: When you really want to get it right, a custom toy hauler will exceed all expectations, empowering you to hit the road with the perfect combination of space and off road capabilities.

Whether your dream getaway includes tearing around on your ATV, chasing trails on your dirt bike, or checking out the campgrounds in your golf cart, a great toy hauler will open new doors to endless possibilities for fun in the great outdoors for you, your friends and family.