Worthwhile Benefits of Bronze Casting for Jewellery Manufacture

Jewellery is one of these accessories that will always be in style. Whether you sell statement jewellery or work with precious metals, the sentimental value that these accessories gain from their owners means there will always be a demand for jewellery. Nonetheless, the methods you employ to manufacture the jewellery that you sell can have a massive impact on the final result. Thus, whether you are in the business of manufacturing cocktail rings or chunky necklaces, it is best to be familiar with the different methods that would provide you with excellent baubles. One such technique is the use of bronze casting, mainly if you are working with substantial amounts of metal. Read on for a list of a few of the worthwhile benefits of bronze casting for jewellery manufacture.

Vast colour possibilities

One of the excellent benefits of bronze casting in jewellery manufacture is the flexibility to experiment with colour. While bronze is known for is distinct metallic brown hue, it is possible to change its appearance depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve with the jewellery pieces you are creating. Standard bronze is an alloy that comprises tin and copper. When you want to change the colour of the metal before the bronze casting process, you can incorporate other metallic elements. For instance, to get a metallic yellow, you should add zinc to the bronze mixture. On the other hand, if you want an off-white colour, you can add nickel to the bronze.

Enhanced detailing

Jewellery is universally appealing because it comes in a myriad of designs that will suit any styles. Whether your clients like plain, unobtrusive jewellery pieces or prefer eye-catching ornaments, you are capable of achieving this with bronze casting. However, detailing metallic objects, especially if the jewellery is quite small, can be challenging. Nonetheless, this does not mean that all your bronze jewellery should be smooth and plain. Through bronze casting, you get the opportunity to create pieces with wondrous depth and stimulating texture. Furthermore, bronze casting also allows the manufacturer to add a patina to their jewellery pieces, which lends a unique finish to the ornaments. Lastly, via bronze casting, you can opt to tumble specific parts of the jewellery, which adds details but also can work to darken or lighten the finish on that particular spot.

Unparalleled durability

Another advantage of bronze casting for jewellery manufacture is the unbeatable longevity that the pieces acquire. During the process, the manufacturer can incorporate other materials that can help reinforce the accessory being created. Furthermore, finishes such as lacquer not only preserve the pristine finish of the jewellery but also work to mitigate the risk of early damage.