Different Types of Weighbridges Explained

There are many types of weighbridges in Australia. Your choice depends on factors such as ground condition, available space, need for portability, cost, purpose, and access. If you want to trade weighbridge, familiarize yourself with the legal requirements of your state. Here is a detailed overview of the different types of weighbridges.

1.    Fully in-ground weighbridge

Of all options, an in-ground weighbridge has the smallest footprint. It is excellent for sites that do not have strict space restrictions. They are also perfect in traffic areas where vehicles get weighed during loading. They, however, require proper excavation as well as extensive site preparation, which make the most expensive option. As the name suggests, in-ground, weighbridges stay beneath the surface and only access the load through small holes in the deck.

2.    Above ground weighbridges

Above ground, weighbridges are the most cost-effective and require a little amount of site preparation. They, however, need the largest surface area. Both the entrance and exit ramps must be more than five meters in length. You can get this type of weighbridge in a single, multi-deck, or twin deck configuration according to the length of the vehicles you intend to weigh.

3.    Semi pit weighbridge

Similarly to the above-ground weighbridges, the semi pit weighbridge comes in custom and standard configuration, which can be a single deck, twin deck, or multi-deck. The weighbridge does not require ramps, and this makes it a cost-effective option. Semi pit weighbridges must have sidewalls, and they must be at least a meter away from the deck side. Depending on the location, it might be necessary to add reinforcement to retain the walls.

4.    Portable weighbridges

A portable weighbridge is ideal for sites that stay temporarily. They use rectangular concrete slabs and removable frames, which provide a rigid support base. They come in many designs and materials, although most of them use steel, which is easy to carry. If you intend to use a portable weighbridge for trade purposes, it is advisable to create concrete end walls.

5.    Multiple deck weighbridges

You can construct a multiple deck weighbridge above ground, entirely in-ground or in a semi pit. The number and the length of the decks depend on personal requirements. You can customize them into different lengths. Multiple deck weighbridges can simultaneously weigh axle groups or individual axles.

A weighbridge is a significant investment. However, with so many factors to consider when setting it up, it is advisable to seek a piece of expert advice before making your final decision.