Glass vs. Plastic Bottles: Which is the Better Option for Your Packaging Needs?

Glass and plastic bottles have been widely used in the industrial and manufacturing industry for packaging of consumables and medical products. However, these two materials vary significantly regarding their features, and choosing the better of the two can help in increasing convenience and cost savings during product handling and transportation. Read on for a detailed comparison of these materials based on various factors that will help you choose the ideal one for your manufacturing needs. Read More 

Why Your Fabrication Shop Should Have a CNC Folding Machine

Inexperienced metal fabricators who are planning to start their own fabrication shops may sometimes find it hard to select the best equipment that they should acquire from the huge variety of fabrication equipment available on the market. This article discusses some of the key benefits of having a CNC folding machine in a fabrication shop. Use this information to make an informed decision about whether you should include this equipment on your priority list when you go shopping for metal fabrication equipment for your new fabrication shop. Read More 

Preparing Fine Resin Models

Creating a finely painted and modelled tabletop army requires patience and time. Many of the leading modelling companies have moved from metal to plastic to resin miniatures, as resin tend to cost less and had better detail. Injection molding is becoming more popular and is now one of the leading methods of manufacture. Injection molding consists of injecting resin into a finely crafted mold and allowing it to set. However resin requires more than just a bit of glue in order to prepare it for painting. Read More 

Some Questions You Might Have About a Metal Panel Fence for Your Home

A metal panel fence can be a very unique choice for any yard; the panels offer privacy and a nice backdrop for landscaping features, and can be a very unique look in a neighborhood with standard chain link fences or wood fences. If you enjoy a more modern look to your fence or just want something very visually appealing and easy to maintain, a metal panel fence can be the right choice. Read More 

Some Training Aids and Accessories to Go With Your New Goal Posts

If you're responsible for setting up a playing field at a school or elsewhere, you need to ensure you have the right goal posts for your sport and for the age group that will be playing. You also want to think about some accessories you may need to go with the goal posts. If you're in the market for new goal posts because the old ones are rusty or otherwise weathered and worn, it might be good to take stock of all the other pieces on the field and see what else might need replacing. Read More