Important Questions to Ask When Having Custom Plaques Made

Custom plaques, trophies, or other such awards can be a good idea for a staff member you want to recognize, for a student who has achieved something special, or even for your child when they deserve some recognition! Custom plaques can also be placed at certain places in your business to relate part of the company's history or in honour of its founder. Whatever your needs for a custom plaque, note some questions to ask the company who will be making it so you know what's involved in the process and are sure to be happy with that piece for years to come. Read More 

Laser Sharp: Maximise the Use of Your Laser Cutter

Laser cutters are exceptionally reliable and useful machines - regardless of whether they're industrial-sized or small enough to fit into a private residence.  If you use one, either as part of a wider manufacturing process or as a small home-run business, then you'll already know just how powerful and customisable these machines are.  However, they're so versatile that many users don't know the full extent of their capabilities, instead choosing to stick to what they already know. Read More